Andy & Rachel's

Prayer Page

Prayer Requests,


It is our desire to use the time as we get started here in Sri Lanka to make as many good partnerships has we can. Please pray that the Lord would guide us to the right people.

Sri Lanka

There has been a lot of unrest since the bombings on Easter, please pray that the people would be safe and the Believers would experience God's peace.


We are waiting on our VISA. We have a 90 day entry visa and we are now waiting on our residence visa. Please pray it comes quickly.


We have many meetings comming up. Please pray we're healthy enough to make all of these.

A Car

Cars are very expensive in Sri Lanka. Please pray for the funds to come into our ministry account to purchase a CEF® owned vehicle so that we can be more effective all across Colombo.


Please pray we learn Sinhala so we can communicate the message we are here to share. We have an incredible teacher, praise the Lord, Now the work begins.

We Need Your Prayers!

      We need your prayers! There’s so much that we are attempting for the Lord this year and without God stepping in and paving the way we will be totally unable to do what He has called us to do. So… here are three ways that you can pray for us;


     First, please pray for our family. The road ahead is challenging and we have heard from every missionary we know that it is filled with spiritual warfare. And that Spiritual warfare is often aimed at the family. Please ask God to give us unity as a family and protection from the evil one.


     Second, please pray for God’s provision. please pray for God apointed meeting and Relationships to form.

     And third, We are waiting for your VISA. We have a 90-day entry visa and we are now waiting on our residence visa. Please pray it comes quickly.

    Would you take time this week to pray over these things? We look forward to praising God for His answers to your prayers.