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In breaking news for the meinzingers. We have just bought our plane tickets to fly to Colorado Springs in April for a 5-week cross-cultural training to prepare us for our upcoming move to Sri Lanka. One of the things people wonder when sending a missionary is “are they going to be the next Hudson Taylor or another missionary who tries, but ends up coming home early”? The answer to that question can directly relate to the quality of training a person receives. Zealous passion can drive well-intended messengers of the gospel to jump into new cultures ill-equipped. So to set us up for success CEF® headquarters is having us go through 5 weeks of intense cross-cultural training. We will be attending Mission Training International and taking their highly recommended pre-field training program called Compass. In this program, we will learn the skills, methods, and more than 30 techniques that will prepare us for learning another language. Compass helps people fight their natural human tendency to negatively judge people and practices that are different from what they know as normal. After visiting Sri Lanka and experiencing their language and culture, these are the very things that I saw as huge hurdles to overcome in moving there. But one of the biggest benefits is that Compass focuses on keeping the whole family intact. They have a separate children’s program coordinated with the adult program. So we can bring the girls! I see this training as invaluable to our family and I am eager to learn all they can teach us. Please consider helping us with this training expense by using the attached link with this video. Thank you so much for your generosity.

~ Rachel Meinzinger

Click “Donate” If you would like to invest in our family by giving towards this training in Colorado Springs You can follow the link below. Be sure to include our name and/or account number in the comments box at the bottom of this page.
EXAMPLE: (Meinzinger Account # HQ00 6244)

Breaking News for the Meinzingers!

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